It was the bumblebee and the butterfly who survived – not the dinosaur.

– Meridel LeSueur

Our economy needs small business.

The seal of the United States features the Latin phrase:

“E pluribus Unum” or Out of Many, One.

“We are always stronger together” is the guiding principle for Busy Street.

Our business model is built around this idea. It is a direct response to the demographic changes and business fragmentation that has steadily been occurring for the better part of the last decades.

Given how important this group is for employment, our economy needs small business to support the livelihood of everyday people.

Firms in America
are Small Businesses
of employer firms
people employed by small business
Small but mighty;
do not underestimate us.
Representation of Business in America
Employment of the working population
Private GDP Production
Exports from America
Small businesses account for the majority of businesses in this country.
With over 30.7 million small businesses in 2019, that represents 99.9% of all business in the United States.
Small businesses employ 59.9 million people
– roughly half of the United States working population
Smaller business dominate the field
Companies with less than 100 employees represent the largest share of small businesses
Small business produces for America
Small business accounts for half of private GDP production and approximately 1/3 of all exports
We believe...
  • in David, not Goliath
  • in giving small business a fighting chance
  • in championing the rights of others
  • in improving humanity and our institutions
  • in adding value to society on a large scale
  • that by helping others rise – we all rise
  • in democratizing data with metrics that matter
  • that by supporting the livelihood of everyday people communities will thrive
As our network grows, our voice becomes bigger.

The secret of the bees success is not only their strength in numbers, but that of determination and persistence. The hive mentality – combined effort for a common goal.

Like the invaluable service that the bee performs for crops and the broader ecosystem, small businesses help communities survive and thrive across the United States.

In this climate, we cannot rely on empty rhetoric to help our businesses survive into the future. Only by banding together and harnessing the power of the many will we succeed.

We are always stronger together.